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Are you a technology leader in your school? Have you used Edmodo to transform your classroom, school community, or beyond? Then you're the perfect fit to present at our special 8th Anniversary EdmodoCon, the educational professional development event of the year.

Proposals are due on May 15th, so submit one today! Selected speakers will be flown to Edmodo HQ in the sunny San Francisco Bay Area, all expenses paid.

What is EdmodoCon?

EdmodoCon is a live, streamed event where global educators share how they're using Edmodo and other tools to improve learning outcomes and revolutionize their classrooms. Streamed directly from Edmodo HQ in the San Francisco Bay Area, EdmodoCon is designed to help you partner with other teachers, discover valuable new tools, and get inspired by educators around the world.

When is EdmodoCon?

EdmodoCon 2018 will be held on Tuesday, August 7th.

Who will be speaking at EdmodoCon?

We'll kick off the event with a talk from an Edmodo executive. Then, selected speakers will present to a worldwide audience about how to revolutionize your classroom and your teaching. We'll update the site to include the final list of speakers after they've been selected.

Will attendees get Edmodo badges?

Yes. To receive your badge, you must take two actions. You must first register for EdmodoCon using the email address associated with your Edmodo account. Then, on August 7, you must use that same email address to log in and view EdmodoCon. When you perform both of these actions, an EdmodoCon badge of participation will automatically be added to your Edmodo profile in the days following the event.

How can I receive updates about EdmodoCon?

Join the EdmodoCon Topic! To join, log in to your Edmodo account, type “EdmodoCon” in the search bar at the top of your homepage, select the EdmodoCon Topic, and click “Follow” in the upper right. For additional updates about selected speakers and registration information, please subscribe to our blog

Can I get a certificate for attending EdmodoCon?

Yes. A Certificate of Attendance will be made available for download after the event.

Will there be a recording, in case I can't watch live?

Yes, recordings of each presentation will be made available to all registrants in the days following EdmodoCon. Be sure to register here to access the live or recorded videos.

“EdmodoCon is more amazing than I can even put into words. It gives people around the world the chance to connect with amazing learning opportunities and professional relationships...It shows everyone who participates what's possible and how to effect change.”

-Rachelle Dene Poth, Ambassador of the Year, and EdmodoCon 2017 Speaker

“EdmodoCon was a great opportunity to showcase my idea to all of my colleagues past and present. It really helped to promote more technology and true data-driven instruction. Most of our district science PLC or planning meetings now revolve around data.”

-Alejandra Guzman, 2016 EdmodoCon speaker

How to Participate

To get the most out of EdmodoCon 2018 before, during and after after the event, be sure to register ahead of time and then join the EdmodoCon Topic to connect with other attendees, get to know the speakers, take part in lively discussions, get real-time updates and more!


EdmodoCon is a livestreamed event, so you'll need to use your Edmodo account to view the presentations. Don't have an Edmodo account? No problem, it's free and easy to make one. Each presentation will have a designated Edmodo Topic which we will list once speakers have been selected.


We all know learning is better together! Over the years, we've seen people make the most of EdmodoCon by hosting viewing parties with other educators in their schools and communities. Register your EdmodoCon Viewing Party here and check out the EdmodoCon Topic for tips on hosting or to find a Viewing Party near you.

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